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ALIVE attended a performance by professional musician and instructor Mike Standal on Latin Music Day at Summerfest. For Mike, “Experience, talent, passion, musical diversity, knowledge, technique, a desire to pass on knowledge, technological prowess, a sense of stewardship towards music, curiosity, and education… are attributes of a complete musician.” Long-time ALIVE partner and friend, Mike has over 30 years’ experience in multiple genres and instruments and teaches as CEO/Co-Founder of Midwest Guitar Institute


There are many ways to live a healthy life, but for our Gift of Healthy Living, we wanted to focus on the emotional and spiritual health that music brings us. There is real psychology about the power of music to influence our minds and body, and by diversifying our personal repertoires, we are able to cultivate compassion for other nations, other world-perspectives, and gain new paths to mental stability. On Latin Music day at Summerfest, Standal was able to showcase his talents to the large festival crowd, and celebrated with all of us by producing a mashup song of diverse voices and genres to promote Milwaukee’s unity in

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