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We are sharing the stage with Keep Stirring and Advocate Aurora Healthcare to share tips and tricks with their patients and practitioners on how to cook healthy meals for the family with a budget and better (healthier) ingredients. Chef Roxanne is an absolute delight and knows the power of making simple changes to our diet to create lasting change and transformation. Food is a great connector. Across ages, socio-economic groups and ethnicities food is the common thread that binds us all together. We all have to eat to survive. Fellowship (contact and community) is also a human need. We focused on our need to reduce our salt and sugar intake for the betterment of our long-term health. Being and eating healthy means that we will be around a lot longer to fellowship with those we hold dear. Healthy bodies create healthy families, leading to healthy communities and neighborhoods. That is where we see Fellowship happen, surrounded by those we love and care for (both inside and out). 

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