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ALIVE was proud to attend the official launch party of Beloved Masterpieces, LLC owned and run by long-time ALIVE supporter Lauren Gilbert. The launch of Beloved Masterpieces LLC was to celebrate the establishment of her taking dreams and turning them into fruition. The party held at 88Nine Radio Milwaukee was a celebration of all of the community members that have utilized her services thus far and those that share support of her vision. Beloved Masterpieces LLC offers community painting lessons, to inspire self-expression through the arts, and community building that leads to healing! Lauren’s background in education, and her passion for the arts combined to create Beloved Masterpieces LLC to live out her true purpose in life.


She has facilitated past sessions with organizations such as:

  • ALIVE Inc.

  • Marquette University

  • Women’s Innovation Network

  • Project Excel

  • Urban Scholars & Boys and Girls Club

  • Natural E. Beautiful


Her next project is titled “Process Master-PEACE” where she plans to take

  • 6 women from various age groups to participate in Summer series of workshops.

  • 6 week workshop with the end goal being a gallery to showcase the women’s work.

  • Women will reflect and discuss chosen themes.

  • Create paintings based on their reflections of the themes of: Family ties/family hurt pain, love, forgiveness, grief, wholeness.

We are so proud to see this young professional move forward into her purpose! ALIVE is glad to have been a part of kickstarting her journey, and we hope to see much more goodness come from it! 

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