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College Students travel to NAIAS


Words from UW Parkside Student:


“First and for most I would like to say I had an amazing experience at the North America Auto show. We saw cars from all over the world, from 2015 Bentleys, which is created in England, to 2015 Audis which is manufactured in Germany. One of my favorite moments is when we put on a headset and goggles and looked into a pair of 3D holographic modeling. While looking into the equipment we customized our own 2015 Challenger with just the movement of our head.


Another event that stuck out to me was when I walked past a 2015 Tesla and seen two little kids sitting in the trunk of the car, yes the trunk! The Tesla is all electric so the car engine is small, which means that there is more rooms for seats. Although we seen a bundle of cars, they also had bikes and motorcycles. Actually there was a bike that cost $2,950. Overall the trip was inspiring to me, seeing that I’m a college student striving for success.   I was able to see this experience as a a jumpstart to my next semester of classwork.”

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