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A Live Experience:
Celebrating the Vision and the Visionary



In 1977 a visionary was born. 30 years later the vision started to come ALIVE (Administering Life In Vocational Experiences).

It’s time to celebrate the visionary and the vision. John Daniels III is a man of innovation, inspiration, intelligence and impact. Wrapped in the character of service and compassion, he has taken his access, abilities, and aspirations to build lives so that others may IMAGINE—seeing their dreams become reality.

We invite you to join us for ‘A Live Experience’ on September 2, a time to come take part, connect, celebrate, and immerse yourself into the spirit of what ALIVE represents. Food and entertainment will mark our evening.

In lieu of a specific ticket price, as we don’t want to limit you, please feel free to make a donation of your choice as your admission into an unforgettable night of celebration.

Let’s come together as a community, as we continue to build community!

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